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With American Teacher Club, now online, you will study where you choose and when you want. Whether at home or at work, the choice is yours! Don't learn. Master English like a native!

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You and your teacher will connect in real time in the digital classroom, which has all the tools you have in a face-to-face classroom plus: whiteboard, teaching material projector, chat, sharing web files, and much more!

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When we say "learn a new language" we don't mean to learn enough to order a coffee or hail a cab. With our certified international teachers, you will be able to express yourself with personality and in the right phonology!
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Our mission is to empower even the busiest people to master a language and unlock their potential anytime, anywhere.



See what our students have to say about the training!

”The American Teacher Club has helped me improve my English in a very pleasant way. My teacher always prepares dynamic lessons on various topics so that I can enrich my vocabulary and practice pronunciation. The platform we use for classes is very organized and I can see my reserved classes, so it helps me to know exactly how many classes are left. Also, in the classroom the teacher can use a chat and a whiteboard and if the students need to review the lessons, all the records are there. So everyone who wants to learn English should try it!“
Lorenna Christna
”It is very common for us English language learners to spend hours and hours on the internet looking for miraculous and quick methods to learn English. In one of my long searches I ended up finding the American Teacher Club website, where I first communicated with teacher Anthony Michael. In this first conversation, teacher Anthony did not offer me a miraculous method, but a coaching job and the great opportunity to immerse myself in the study of the English language, through private lessons with native teachers. All this for a fair and very affordable price."
Wilian Santos
Wilian Santos
“The classes are amazing and so is my teacher. I've been learning very fast, I feel that these 3 months of classes taught me more than years trying to learn by other methods, this is definitely the best method I've come across. I started classes barely able to talk for fear of talking and lack of training and today I talk very easily. Classes are very pleasant, light and fun, time goes by very quickly and it is extremely interesting to know that I am talking to someone who experiences a different culture than mine. English was a problem in my life, something unresolved and I feel that today I solved it 100%."
Raphaella Saraiva
Raphaella Saraiva

Our team of teachers

Nossa equipe é composta por profissionais capacitados e apaixonados por oferecer aos nossos alunos a mais alta qualidade no ensino.



English Teacher of Business English and Conversation! I have total dedication in classes with my students! What are you waiting for to book your first trial class?

Karen Jo Mansjur

Hi! My name is Karen Jo Mansjur and I'm from the Philippines. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Hotel Management at the University of San Carlos. I am a certified TEFL teacher. I enjoy watching TV, cooking and chatting with my friends whenever I have free time. I am passionate about teaching and very dedicated to it. I am friendly and hardworking at the same time. I like to learn new things inside and outside of work. I found my passion in teaching when I started teaching college students. I have been a University Instructor for 5 years. I started my journey as an ESL teacher in 2014. I have also taught Korean, Japanese, Indonesian and Vietnamese. I learned different teaching methodologies from all the experiences I had in recent years. I like to learn about the culture and traditions of other countries. I am happy to pass on my knowledge of English to my students.
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I'm Professor Stefan! BA in English and Communications, 125-hour TEFL Certificate. I've been a teacher for over 6 years! I love being outdoors and enjoying nature. My hobbies are hiking, fishing and having fun with family and friends. I am passionate about teaching and I love every bit of it.
bandeira grega


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