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With American Teacher Club, you can study whatever you want whenever you want. Whether you are at home or at work, the choice is yours! Learn how to speak like a native!

High quality live video conferencing

You and your teacher will connect real time in a digital classroom, which has all the tools you need such as; a whiteboard, teaching material, a chat room, P2P file-sharing, videos and more!

Certified Teachers

When you decide to learn a new language you need to have a certified teacher that really knows how to teach and not just a native speaker! We choose our staff carefully and they undergo the correct training in order to give you the classes that you need! After your trial class your teacher will define which type of plan will be used during your classes!

The most efficient online English course for learning English at home!

  • Free Trial Lesson to evaluate your English
  • Lessons directed towards your goals and needs.
  • All material is free of charge
  • Review all past lessons
  • No Expiration of credits Use them as you wish
  • Have the same teacher each class or pick and choose as you go!


While providing students with a phenomenal, effective, and memorable English Language School and English Tutoring Service, American Teacher Club strives to have a team of exceptionally qualified native teachers, investigating the best and newest technologies and resources. We strive to be the first and best online English Language School, as well as the best English Tutoring Service, on the markets. We want to globally see students succeeding in their English language endeavors, feeling satisfied, and referring peers.

Our story

   American Teacher Club was founded in 2011 in Rio de Janeiro Brasil. We started by giving private classes with Native teachers in various companies  as well as in the students homes. In 2015 we started to expand throughout Brazil reaching each and every state offering the best quality English classes. In 2019 we decided to expand globally investing in our Online Platform and we now teach in over 15 countries and with over 7500 students. So what are you waiting for? Schedule your first free trial class and be a part of American Teachers Club.

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Our team of teachers

   Our team is composed of highly trained professionals who are passionate about offering our students the highest quality in teaching. Each and every teacher is personally screened by American Teacher Club in order to carefully select the best professionals for our students!  Our teachers are always punctual in class and prepared to take your English to the next level

Don’t take our word for it see what our students have to say!

” American Teacher Club has helped me to improve my English in a very fun way. My teacher always prepares dynamic classes on various topics, so that I can enrich my vocabulary and practice my phonology. The platform we use for classes is very organized and I can see when my classes are booked. Also, in the classroom the teacher can use a chat room and a whiteboard .Another feature I Like is that when a student needs to review their past classes, all records will be there. So everyone who wants to learn English should try American Teacher Club! “

Lorenna Christna

” It is very common, we as students, spend hours and hours on the internet looking for miraculous and quick methods to learn English. In one of my long researches I ended up finding the American Teacher Club website, where I first contacted teacher Anthony Michael, In our first conversation teacher Anthony did not offer me a miraculous method, but a coaching plan and the great opportunity to immerse myself in the English world, through private lessons with certified teachers at a very accessible price, My trial class was scheduled that same day, all while being treated in a very friendly manner., I completed 1 year of classes with American Teacher Club, on March 25 2020, and throughout this time I reached an intermediate level and I am able to understand and be understood and all this while being home (Online Classes). Teachers prepare classes according to the objectives and level of each student, to me this is the true meaning of personalized English. I am especially grateful to teacher John Nicodemus and Jaymar Bacalso for being excellent teachers and friends. “

Wilian Santos

”The classes are incredible and so is my teacher. I have been learning very fast, I feel that these 3 months of class have taught me more than years trying to learn by other methods, this is definitely the best method I have known. I started classes barely able to talk for the  fear of speaking and the  lack of training and today I talk very easily. The classes are very pleasant, light and fun, time passes very quickly and it is extremely interesting to know that I speak with someone who experiences a culture different from mine. English was a problem in my life, something poorly solved and I feel that today I am moving faster and faster towards a solution, I am moving towards my future. I can’t express my gratitude to American Teacher as well as to my teacher, thank you! “

Raphaella Saraiva