Flexible Learning

The methodology used in the American Teacher Club has an integrated teaching that combines the personalization of the teaching material used by the School with extra materials, so that each student has a course focused on their objective.


Integrated teaching accelerates learning.


Classes address everyday situations.

Interactive Material

The material is customized to your area of interest.

Classes according to your need!

At the American Teacher Club, you study according to what you need! During the trial class, you can chat with your teacher to create a plan for you! It is very important to have a correct learning and according to your need.

Remote access

The student has access to study in our Online School with interactivity and many dynamics! After the class, you can still access your student area and review everything that has been done.
Female employees and colleagues were interested in what was on the computer screen, with supervisors teaching and advising in the office. Male supervisor teaches the employees in the company.

How it works?

Check out the video to the side for more information about our online teaching platform!