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   Here at American Teacher Club you don’t have to face long lines to register and access classes. You can choose one of our plans below and have complete access to classes with certified international teachers who will ensure you the best possible learning experience! Choose one of our plans today and start your journey in the English-speaking world!

   Our main objective is to guarantee the satisfaction of our students, through a fair and friendly price, that allows us to maintain our business running at its maximum potential. Take a look at our packages below! We offer 30 or 60 minute classes

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Common questions

Check out some of the questions we receive the most.

We accept all major credit cards and debit cards.

Yes, it is a necessary procedure in order to fully evaluate your potential and come up with the best learning plan for you.

If you are a beginner we will be ready to help you get to the next level. Our teachers are highly trained and speak many different languages so you can be sure that you will have no problem at all!

We have many different packages for you to choose from ! You can use your credits as you like. There is no expiration date.

You can choose the teacher on our platform according to their available times. If you decide on a certain teacher you can book all your classes with that teacher or you can choose a teacher of your choice .

We will assess your current level during our test class. At the beginning and end of the class, we will talk about your specific goals, to adapt your future classes for your desired wants and needs. If you have no knowledge of the language, don't worry, you can always start from scratch!

Once you have registered, you will be assigned 3 to 5 teachers from our team, whose profiles coincide with your learning needs and goals (which we will have evaluated during the trial class). You will have access to their calendars and will always be able to schedule classes using our platform, with at least 24 hours in advance.


If you decide to have class with more than one teacher, don´t worry: your teachers will have access to all of your academic information, including a detailed record of what you have done class by class, which allows us to guarantee a pedagogical continuity during your classes.


Additionally, your teacher will always follow the individualized study plan that will have been created by our Curricular Design team, especially for you, at the beginning of the course, based on your specific needs and goals.